All publishers and advertisers must agree our Terms of Use(TOS) before starting the use of our system.

1) Definitions
Publishers – Individuals and companies who monetize their ad space with clicknety network
Advertisers – Individuals or companies which use our system to advertise online
Traffic – Impressions served by our ad serving system(full page pop-under ads)
Terms of Use – “TOS” – General and/or special arrangements, rules, specifications, standards and requirements.

2) The service
clicknety connects advertisers and publishers trough his ad serving system. Advertisers use the network to drive traffic to their offers and in exchange they agree to pay for this provided service. Publishers sell their advertising space to the ad network and in exchange they are paid for the provided number of ad impressions.

3) Intellectual property
clicknetyand the advertiser are the exclusive owners of all their respective intellectual property rights .This include, without limitation, content text, design, graphics, technology and all related copyrights.

4) General restrictions
4.1) Publishers on the system (a) must use the provided code and use it according to our specifications; (b) will not  alter the code from the original form and used only on the websites registered in the publisher account; (c) will not serve us incent traffic(paid to), exchange traffic and fake generated traffic, proxy traffic; (d) will provide their correct personal and contact details;

If any violation of the above rules is detected the publisher account will be terminated and he will not be compensated for the delivered traffic.

4.2)  Advertisers on the system (a) will promote virus free offers; (b) will provide their correct personal and contact details; (c) will not change the content of the landing page or redirect it after approval ;(d) shall be solely responsible for the content of their advertisments;

If any violation of the above rules is detected the advertiser account will be terminated and account funds will not be refunded. Illegal and fraudulent activities promoted with our ad serving is strictly prohibited and will be reported.

5) Disclaimer
The service is provided “AS IS”. clicknety makes no representation or warranty of any kind to clients, visitors or any other person relating/using our service.

6) Indemnification
In no case clicknety, it’s employees and managers will be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss, claim, demand, liability , arised from the use of the network services.

7) Right to Modify
We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy if necessarily. Clients will be notified trough public messages on their dashboard if the page suffer modifications.